Amulyte Features
Help Button
An easy to press help button that will automatically connect you to your loved ones if you ever need help or assistance.
Works Anywhere
Whether going for a walk or running errands, the pendant works anywhere - both inside and outside the home.
Easy to Use
Worn as a necklace, with an easy to use charging pad.
2-Way Communication
The device has a speaker and mic so you can talk to each other directly through the pendant - no base station needed!
Real-Time Alerts
Your family members and caregivers get notified instantly if something isn't right via text, phone call, email and online notification.
Status Update
A daily recap of the user's activity level is sent - letting your loved ones stay informed and worry-free.
Activity Tracking
The pendant is able to track movement and activity, making sure you are staying healthy.
Lifestyle Insights
Discover activity patterns, average activity level and learn when something changes.
Peace of Mind
If help is needed your loved ones will be the first to know, letting them rest easy and not worry day-to-day.